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 Confident Cannabis launched a groundbreaking label printing form in collaboration with TEKLYNX, a global leader in barcode and RFID labeling software. 

This cutting-edge integration between Confident Cannabis and TEKLYNX's CODESOFT software revolutionizes the labeling process for cultivators, manufacturers and distributors, offering a seamless and efficient solution that ensures accurate and up-to-date data with every print.

To enable the integration, all you have to do is subscribe to a Data Plan for your various Confident accounts. Once you’ve signed up, you can export your lab test results to TEKLYNX custom CSV export, API, and webhook for one flat monthly rate.

Real-Time Accuracy

With the application's REST API integration, users can rest assured that the data applied to their labels is always up-to-date, ensuring accurate and compliant information.

Hassle-Free Integration

Confident Cannabis and TEKLYNX have done the hard work for you, simplifying the integration process. No more struggling with system compatibility or data synchronization issues.

Streamlined Processes

Say goodbye to manual spreadsheet downloads and labor-intensive data transfers. Seamlessly connect Confident Cannabis data with CODESOFT.

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