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Pre-Funded Orders

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Pre-Funded Orders

You no longer have to worry how and if you'll get paid. Just tell your customer to Pay Now next time they send you an Order Request and know that the funds will be held for you until the Order is finalized.

Streamlined Receivables

Digitally reconcile invoices and track your payments from start to finish so you can focus more on your business and less on hunting down your accounts receivable.

Safe and Reliable Payments

Provide your customers with a safe and reliable electronic payment option and easily create requests for payment directly from your order in Confident Cannabis.

We have partnered with PayQwick to provide you and your customers with seamless and secure online payments for Wholesale invoices. You can receive payments electronically while streamlining your receivables, payables and reporting.

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PayQwick offers a full array of banking and treasury services to simplify cash, checks, ACH, wires and other payment types. PayQwick's mission is to unite all licensees in the cannabis industry making growth easier for your business.

As a Confident Cannabis customer, you are eligible for exclusive partnership rates. Connect with PayQwick to learn more!

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